Collecting plant-by-plant data

for agronomists

Chloropy is a deep-tech computer-vision company, solely focussed on enabling agriculture professionals in data collection


At Chloropy, we automate collection of plant-level data by employing drones and sophisticated artificial-intelligence (AI) algorithms.

Development of each new crop variety or agrochemical takes over 7-10 years. A huge amount of data is collected from experiments over multiple locations to select the best product. But the data collection in agricultural research is time-consuming, laborious and expensive.

For example, to select a superior corn variety at least 20 different traits are compared in field experiments. Plant phenotype, tolerance to pest, disease or drought are some of the key traits evaluated. Likewise, while developing a new agrochemical different formulations, their doses, pest control efficacy and performance are thoroughly studied.

Why drones?

Drones can potentially increase data collection efficiency by 10X than manual methods. 

Special drone sensors can collect valuable data from new perspectives that are unobtainable otherwise. Quality data enables researchers to make faster decisions and accelerate product launches.

Collect quality data & store securely

Make decisions faster

Save on operational cost


How it works?

Flight plan
Digital data collection
Images into insights using AI
Secure cloud platform
Visualisation of results
Access from any device



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